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The opportunity exists for accredited investors to express interest in investing in Pristine Surgical.

The Company

Pristine Surgical is a pioneering medical device company based in Boston USA.

The company has developed a number of products that are aimed at the Minimally Invasive Visualization (Endoscopy) market which has both surgical and diagnostic applications and is worth 56 Billion US dollars.

The Offer

The Companies fourth investment round is $2.5m -$10 million, in Class A-4 limited liability company units. The raised funds will be used for general purposes including launch of the Company’s initial product offerings and further development of Company’s product roadmap.

Further Information

For further information please refer to the Investor flier in the Documents section. To access further information and be put in contact with the arranger, Register Interest.

Issue Type:
Venture Capital
Health Care
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Investment Details

Investment Type: Wholesale

Wholesale Investment Type: NZ Wholesale Equities

Transaction Size:USD 10,000,000.00

Committed Capital:USD 50,000.00

Pre-money valuation:USD 83,330,000.00

Minimum Capital Raise: 

Share Price:USD 0.00

Unit Price:USD 1.00

Minimum Investment Size:USD 50,000.00

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