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Issue Issue Type Sector Transaction Size Minimum Investment Size Action  
Phoebe Plains Limited Wholesale Agri-Business Dairy NZD 5,000,000.00 NZD 400,000.00
Arran Farm Wholesale Agri-Business Dairy NZD 4,000,000.00 NZD 500,000.00
Wynyard Innovation Fund 1 LP Wholesale Venture Capital Technology NZD 5,000,000.00 NZD 150,000.00
Mt Erin Limited Wholesale Agri-Business Horticulture NZD 4,700,000.00 NZD 100,000.00
R.E.M. Farming Ltd Wholesale Agri-Business Dairy NZD 10,000,000.00 NZD 100,000.00
Natural Farm Food LP Wholesale Agri-Business Diversified NZD 50,000,000.00 NZD 100,000.00