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The law normally requires people who offer financial products to give information to investors before they invest. This information is designed to help investors make an informed decision.

If you are a wholesale investor under the definition of that term in clause 3 of Part 1 Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, the usual rules do not apply to offers of financial products made to you. As a result, you may not receive a complete and balanced set of information.

You will also have fewer other legal protections for these investments. Ask questions, read all documents carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself.


vWork helps businesses which rely on mobile workers (drivers and delivery staff, construction workers, technicians etc.) to optimise productivity and reduce inefficiencies in an all-in-one, easy to use software solution. vWork integrates job scheduling, reporting, health and safety, route optimisation and customer communication into one platform. This is a proven, scalable solution that integrates with existing workflows and offers its customers the ability to automate, optimise and standardise, driving substantial efficiency gains, consistency of outcomes and increased safety outcomes.

The global field service management industry was valued at US$4 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow to US$24 billion by 2030 (+19.70% CAGR). Businesses which rely on field work are facing worker shortages, rising complexity of job types and inconsistent outcomes, and therefore solutions which optimise productivity and enable managing field workers easier are in high demand. 

vWork is seeking to raise $3.0 million at a $16.0 million valuation ($1.0 million already placed) to capitalise on global opportunities to become a market leader in a highly fragmented industry and become an irreplaceable tool for new customers. 

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Venture Capital
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Investment Details

Investment Type: Wholesale

Wholesale Investment Type: NZ Wholesale Equities

Transaction Size:NZD 3,000,000.00

Committed Capital: 

Pre-money valuation: 

Minimum Capital Raise: 

Share Price:NZD 2.72

Unit Price:NZD 0.00

Minimum Investment Size:NZD 25,000.00


Elevation Capital

Website: https://www.elevationcapital.co.nz/



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vWork Information Memorandum Summary (Version 1.2) 28 January 2022 Preview/Download
vWork - Wholesale Investment Offer Summary - 18 January 2022 28 January 2022 Preview/Download
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