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The opportunity exists for Wholesale Investors to express interest in investment in an IoT SAAS company - Smart Life Labs.

Smartlife’s mission is to design innovations that care and reimagine smart living environments. 

Smartlife has developed a control solution and a global IoT  platform with App that enables  products to come to life for brands, OEMs, manufacturers, and retail chains which were  traditionally only affordable in the luxury end of the market. We identified the need for a solution that was more flexible and suitable for all homes and businesses.


Smartlife Labs is now focused on below key markets

IoT integrators:- 

The Smartlife connect platform is easy to learn and can be used by  thousands of installers, Project Managers, Integrators & Configuration Specialists, electricians or anyone involved in delivering smart automation systems. 

The platform has enabled pre-bundle templated solutions for markets below which will be delivered through the B2B channels. 

Smartlife Care:-

Using sensor and IoT smart medical devices to enable automation for retirement villages and homes, providing remote assistance, support and unobtrusive monitoring by care providers and family. Video Link

Smartlife Energy:-

Monitoring energy use sensors and spot pricing to automate the response for load shedding, peak shaving and demand-side control for homes, businesses, energy suppliers, solar, and lines companies. EV Owners generally want to charge their vehicles as environmentally as possible.  Smartlife Energy solution controls the EV charging to achieve this and also to maintain the overall load within the limits of the building.

Impact Statement:-

Smartlife Labs Care solutions have a huge impact on both the person living alone and their families and carers. It provides peace of mind and preserves dignity, reduces the risk of harm, and increases enjoyment by providing easier access to entertainment and video calling.  

 Smartlife Labs Smart Energy solutions significantly impact carbon footprint by shifting loads to off-peak times and empowering energy generators and lines companies to reduce unnecessary loads when required. 

 Smartlife’s traditional Smart Home and Commercial Automation solutions have a significant impact on making people’s busy lives more accessible and safer and empowering people to get the best value and benefits from the technology in their lives. 


The Smartlife Connect platform can also cater to other use cases and we are opportunistic in these markets


Smart Media: Integrated audio visual control solutions from App or voice. The solution is preconfigured to control TVs, MySky, Foxtel, Apple TV - from virtual remotes in the App and via voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Essential for multi-product installations such as surround sound, multi-room audio, video matrix as well as aged care and special needs.

Smart Security and monitoring:  Alarm notifications, deterrence, escalation, and video monitoring, access control, site security, partial arming for delivery, and Airbnb. 

Smart Access: Access control solutions for home and business delivery, employees, tradespeople, cleaners, etc.

Site Secure: Building site security and deterrence 

Smart Delivery:  Access control solutions for courier and food delivery companies, Airbnb integration 

Smart Hotel / Airbnb: Economical in-room control for guests of lighting, air cond, entertainment and compendium with centralised control of HVAC, access control for guests, cleaners/ room service, self-check-in/ check out 


Our Partnerships 


We already signed some key strategic partnerships to help us grow locally and internationally such as Noel Leeming Commercial ( Part of the Warehouse Group), Landmark Homes, Stonewood homes, Seam (North America) , Leviton etc

Product Traction 

200+ Active Controllers, 1450+ Registered App users, 10000+ Connected devices, 300+ users signed up in the last 3 months. 

The company has opened a $1.5m Series A capital raise to fund national and international growth. 

For more information please see the flyer in the documents tab.

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Investment Type: Wholesale

Wholesale Investment Type: NZ Wholesale Equities

Transaction Size:NZD 1,500,000.00

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Share Price:NZD 37.89

Unit Price:NZD 0.00

Minimum Investment Size:NZD 1,000.00


Smartlife Labs Ltd


Email: [email protected]

Phone:+64 21 500 678

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