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The opportunity exists for Wholesale Investors to express interest in investment in Orbis Diagnostics.

Orbis Diagnostics’ mission is to make complex medical testing simple and accessible wherever and whenever needed. Orbis has developed an automated medical testing platform, Arca, which delivers laboratory-equivalent medical tests at points-of-need (e.g., at pharmacies, MIQ, Airports etc.) without requiring technically qualified staff.

The first application of its system is a COVID-19 quantitative immunity test, which can accurately assess antibody concentrations in blood to determine an individual’s immunity status post vaccination. Importantly, it can return a result for multiple individuals within 15-minutes.

We expect quantitative immunity testing to be a crucial tool in re-enabling the global movement of people as it can verify whether a vaccination has been effective and whether a vaccine certificate provided by a traveler is legitimate. Immune travelers could then be exempted from quarantine, or only require a reduced stay or self-isolation when entering a country. 

Orbis has a global two-way exclusive partnership for border testing with IDEMIA, a leading global biometrics corporation with US$2.6b in revenue. Orbis and IDEMIA are now working with governments, airports and airlines to trial and deploy its system

The company has released compelling results of its recent partnership with Air New Zealand to test the Covid-19 immunity levels of their frontline staff.

The trial showed a clear distinction in antibody level between vaccinated and unvaccinated staff, with antibody levels waning over time since vaccination with some at a level well below that known to be effective at providing protection from infection. This highlights a clear need for individual monitoring of frontline staff for vaccination efficacy to ensure they remain protected from Covid-19 and determine the appropriate timing of booster doses.

The key findings included:

  • High accuracy in distinguishing between the vaccinated and unvaccinated - a sensitivity of 97% and specificity of 96%, exceeding the accuracy of widely used tests in medical labs
  • Staff antibody levels trended downwards with time since vaccination
  • Time to collect each sample <2 minutes
  • Time to run test within our target timeframe of 15-20minutes (per batch of 8)

Orbis would be pleased to share a summary of the trial results with you via Orbis’ DD room, or to provide you with a business plan should you be interested. 


See also, this recent article - g: Covid-19: The 'lab in a box' which determines immunity response | RNZ News.

An updated flier document has been loaded under the Documents tab. In addition, Orbis is about to announce a partnership with a large, nationwide healthcare provider in New Zealand.

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