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The Opportunity

The opportunity exists for wholesale investors to express interest in an investment into Solagri Energy Limited ("Solagri").

Solagri was founded in 2018 by a diverse group of people with expertise in renewable energy engineering, agriculture, finance, marketing and land development. The team spent three years researching and developing the optimum renewable energy system for New Zealand dairy farms - in terms of performance, durability, cost and ease of construction. 

In early 2020 Solagri received funding assistance from MainPower New Zealand to develop and test an industry-leading distributed energy system for dairy farms. This proof-of-concept (P1) system which is comprised of a 58 kWp solar array coupled to a 120kWh grid connected battery, is operating today on a dairy farm near Rangiora, North Canterbury.

The system is the only array in New Zealand to employ several innovative technologies that make our arrays faster to deploy, more durable and higher performing over the long term. Initial results from P1 have been successful, generating solid, on-target revenues for the business.

Since late 2020, Solagri has been engaging with farmers, selling the concept of capital-free solar as a service. Solagri has a growing list of enthusiastic soon-to-be customers who have signed heads of agreements with Solagri in anticipation of the successful completion of this capital raise

New Zealand is at the start of an energy transformation as it moves away from fossil fuels toward electricity as the primary source of energy to power the transport and industrial sectors.

The dairy sector, with roughly 11,200 dairy sheds, is a large consumer of electricity in New Zealand. The energy at a dairy shed milks the farm’s cows, cools the milk, heats the water to wash the shed, provides light and in rotary sheds moves the entire herd through the milking process automatically.

Solar generation, energy storage (batteries) and electric vehicles (EVs) will revolutionise our rural economy and electricity system. In particular they will revolutionise dairy farming due to these farms’ enormous reliance on electricity. To maximise gains from these disruptive emerging technologies, Solagri is working to establish a centre of excellence in rural solar and farm battery design. Based in Canterbury, the focus is on the development of robust, flexible systems that suit New Zealand’s rural conditions. To this end, its recent inclusion in the Orion Energy Accelerator will enable it to build on existing relationships, tap into expertise and develop new partnerships and alliances.

Solar-As-A-Service Offering to Farmers

The Solagri System is designed to be deployed on a dairy farm as a service with no capital invested by the farmer. The system has the ability to supply all of the dairy shed’s energy requirements under a contract that aims to reduce electricity costs for farmers, increase farm energy resilience, and improve the farm’s sustainability; all while supporting rural electricity networks and NZ’s transformation to a low-carbon economy.

By remaining grid connected, Solagri is able to offer farmers a compelling solar energy service that is competitive with the incumbent government owned generator-retailers (Gentailers).

The benefits to farmers include:

• No capital up front - farming is a capital intensive business. With a Solagri solar array there is no capital outlay required from the farmer. Solagri builds and manages the entire solar array and sells the energy generated to the farmer or back to the grid. Solagri also supplies any additional energy required by the farm from the grid.

• Strength in numbers – building an electricity buying group that will give farmers real strength in numbers. As Solagri’s customer base grows, its purchasing power in the wholesale energy market will ensure the price farmers pay for electricity derived from the grid remains extremely competitive.

• Competitive pricing - in many cases Solagri can immediately give farmers a better overall deal than they’re currently getting. 

• Price stability - a contract with Solagri will allow the farmer to lock in the price they pay for the electricity generated by the array for 20 years (pegged to CPI). Eliminating their exposure to future price shocks.

• Farm sustainability - farmers will say that solar gets a big tick on their Farm Environment Plan (FEP).

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