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An exciting opportunity has been brought to Syndex by Stern Aegis Ventures located in New York City. Stern Aegis Ventures is the management team within Aegis Capital Corp, that is responsible for venture capital and private equity financing.

Orchestra Biomed Inc (Orchestra) offers investors an opportunity to invest in an exciting pre-IPO biomedical innovation company developing a pipeline of high impact therapeutic solutions to address significant unmet needs. Orchestra’s business model is to advance promising therapeutic solutions through development while leveraging strategic partnerships with established global commercial leaders to optimise commercialisation and profitability.

The Company’s lead products are innovative therapies to address significant unmet need in artery disease and hypertension. These are among the leading causes of death worldwide, taking the lives of 17.7 million people each year or 31% of all global deaths according to the WHO. While cardiovascular disease remains the core focus, Orchestra believes that its current platform technologies and future development initiatives will have application in other significant medical conditions. Orchestra BioMed’s cardiovascular product pipeline includes two lead proprietary therapies – Virtue® Sirolimus-eluting Balloon (SEB) and BackBeat® Cardiac Neuromodulation Therapy (CNT).

Orchestra BioMed’s product pipeline includes two lead proprietary therapies:

  • Virtue Sirolimus-Eluting Balloon (SEB) is a patented, first in-class drug/device combination product that delivers Sirolimus, the proven gold-standard drug for preventing restenosis of treated arteries, to the vessel wall during balloon angioplasty without the need for a permanent implant. Virtue SEB aims to be the first approved drug-eluting balloon product for coronary use in the U.S. (for in-stent restenosis) with significant follow-on clinical indications such as treatment of small vessels, below-the-knee lesions and others that represent an aggregate annual market opportunity of nearly $5 billion worldwide.
  • BackBeat Cardiac Neuromodulation Therapy (CNT) is a patented implantable cardiac stimulation-based treatment for hypertension that can be readily incorporated into existing pacemakers and immediately and substantially lowers blood pressure and maintains chronic reduction. The Company estimates that treatment for patients that require a pacemaker as well as a follow-on indication for treatment-resistant hypertensive patients that do not require a pacemaker represents a potential annual global market opportunity of over $6 billion. 

Investor Call with CEO - 12 June

Click the following link to listen to a recording of our investor call with the CEO, Founder and Chairman of Orchestra Biomed, Mr David Hochman. There is an overview of the Orchestra Biomed opportunity, including the features of the lead products, the commercialisation strategy and the people behind the business. 

The call starts at 2.35


Virtue SEB Strategic Partnership: On February 25, 2019, Orchestra BioMed entered into a letter of intent (the “Virtue LOI”) for global licensing and distribution of Virtue SEB in the field of percutaneous coronary and peripheral interventions with a multi-national medical device corporation that has an established multi-billion-dollar interventional cardiovascular device business (the “Virtue Partner”). Pursuant to the terms of the Virtue LOI and subject to the achievement of certain milestones, Orchestra BioMed would receive an upfront payment, milestone payments, equity investments and clinical development considerations with total aggregate value of substantially more than $100 million. Orchestra BioMed will also have a significant revenue sharing arrangement comprised of double-digit royalties and per unit payments for supply of drug formulation.

US FDA Breakthrough Device Designation: On April 24th, 2019, Orchestra BioMed announced it had received Breakthrough Device Designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Breakthrough Devices Program is a voluntary program for certain medical devices and device-led combination products that provide for more effective treatment or diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions. (https://xtalks.com/virtue-seb-wins-fda-breakthrough-device-designation-1892/). To qualify for participation in the program, a device must provide a potentially more effective treatment or diagnosis of a life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating disease or condition and offer significant advantages over existing approved or cleared alternatives.

  • Orchestra is currently in active negotiations with multiple strategic parties to partner our BackBeat CNT and believes it is possible that it can enter into a letter of intent with one of these parties in 2019. 

Perceptive Life Sciences is a lead institutional investor in Orchestra BioMed (www.perceptivelife.com). 

Click the following links for video presentations on Orchestra Biomed:


Orchestra Biomed is offering Units, at a price of US$150,000 per Unit, with each Unit consisting of 10,000 shares of Series B-1 Preferred Stock. Investors may subscribe for partial Units or multiple Units (minimum $30,000). Pursuant to the terms set forth in the PPM, the Series B-1 Preferred Stock is convertible into Common Stock at any time on a 1:1 basis. However, if the investor invests 100% of its original investment in the Series B-1 Preferred in the Follow-on Offering, which is anticipated to be an underwritten IPO, each investor is entitled to an incentive adjustment to their conversion ratio to a 1:2 basis (which effectively reduces the cost basis of your Series B-1 investment by 50%).


The Stern Aegis team partners with entrepreneurs and early stage companies to bring ideas to life, endeavouring to create brands with long-term investment value. Stern Aegis then apply their expertise in capital raising and the introduction of strategic relationships to add further value to the investment.

Click on the Documents Tab to view an Investment Flyer and Corporate Overview. When you register interest you will be contacted by a representative from Stern Aegis Ventures and be provided access to the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).

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Investment Type: Wholesale

Transaction Size:USD 30,000,000.00

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Share Price:USD 15.00

Unit Price:USD 30,000.00

Minimum Investment Size:USD 30,000.00


Aegis Capital Corp.

Website: https://www.aegiscapcorp.com/


Phone:+1 (212) 813 1010

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