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This is an Australian Retail (CSF) Offer. The offer is open to Retail and Wholesale/Sophisticated investors in Australia. Whilst in New Zealand the offer is open to Wholesale investors.


Equity crowdfunding is risky. The offer set out here is not a regulated offer for the purposes of the FMCA. This offer is only available to those who meet the criteria as an "eligible" investor under the FMCA and provide appropriate certificates to that effect or are otherwise exempt from the disclosure requirements under one of the exclusions in Schedule 1 of the FMCA.

Because this is not a regulated issue and the issue is not a registered retail managed investment scheme, investors will have fewer legal protections for this investment. Investors should make sure they understand the consequences, ask questions, read the document carefully and seek independent financial and legal advice before making the commitment to invest.


Direction Injection Technologies (DIT) provides supplements to livestock through drinking water. DIT is using its technology to provide a more efficient, effective and cheaper method to supplement livestock, reducing the daily cost from an average of 40c to 8c per animal daily.*

They provide both the technology, being the proportional dosing mechanism, as well as the specially formulated supplements themselves. Owning both the technology and supplements are differentiating facets and tangible assets of the DIT model. To protect these aspects of the business the company has 1 patent granted and 3 patents pending.

Whilst DIT is immediately focusing on domestic (Australian) markets, there are global applications of the DIT technology and formulas. With a foothold in the Australian market, DIT intends to expand into major agricultural markets such as the US, South America and New Zealand.

*Please note these figures are based off real average cost savings experienced by existing DIT customers.

Investment Highlights:

  • Poised for Rapid Growth - DIT is already break even and experiencing a period of rapid growth as the company expands nationally.
  • Robust Business Model - The business model of DIT features a fixed and recurring revenue stream through the initial sale of dosing units and the ongoing sales of supplements.
  • Defensible Intellectual Property - DIT currently have 1 patent granted and intend to expand this portfolio to enhance defensibility of key assets. There are currently 3 patent applications pending.
  • World Class Pedigree - The DIT team have extensive experience, deep industry relationships and an exemplary reputation in agricultural markets.
  • Innovation Through R&D - Through extensive and ongoing R&D the Company is bringing technological innovation to farmers across Australia.

Product Range:

  • Technology Systems
    • Nutridose: The Nutridose is a proportional dosing dispenser for water-soluble supplements to cattle and sheep and is DIT's flagship technology offering. It is the only system on the market specifically designed to safely feed urea into livestock drinking water.
    • Promatic: The Promatic is a portable water supplementing system utilising a peristaltic pump. It is compatible with a variety of livestock situations, including pasture, yards and pens.
    • Nutripro: The Nutripro is a hybrid unit that combines elements of the Nutridose and the Promatic to create a more mobile unit without compromising dosing accuracy. 
    • Medipro: The Medipro is a small proportional dosing unit designed for intensive livestock production systems such as dairies, piggeries and poultry sheds. 
  •  Supplements
    • uPro: uPro is a scientifically formulated blend designed to supplement urea to livestock as a water-soluble feed additive. 
    • uPhos: uPhos provides a rapidly soluble source of 100% available phosphorus and urea through water medication.
    • uTrace: uTrace is a water-soluble formulation containing all the major trace elements required by cattle, sheep and goats.
    • uCalm and uCalm Export: uCalm and uCalm Export contain glucose, electrolytes and trace elements to assist with and prevent dehydration in cattle, sheep and goats during times of stress, such as weaning, yarding, transportation and induction.

The Offer:

DIT is offering up to 2,200,000 shares at an issue price of AU$0.50 per share to raise up to AU$1,100,000. The minimum investment parcel is AU$250.

Money in this raise from the crowd funding will be used to:

  1. Hire sales and engineering/professional talent to develop new applications and drive sales.
  2. Upgrade manufacturing systems to increase output and establish micro factories in other areas
  3. Roll out a national marketing and advertising program.
  4. Maintain cash reserves in the business for additional working capital.

This is an Australian Retail (CSF) Offer. The offer is open to Retail and Wholesale/Sophisticated investors in Australia. Whilst in New Zealand the offer is open to Wholesale investors.

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Issue Type:
isEOI: true

Investment Details

Investment Type: Wholesale

Transaction Size:AUD 1,100,000.00

Committed Capital:AUD 430,500.00

Pre-money valuation:AUD 9,000,000.00

Minimum Capital Raise:AUD 400,000.00

Share Price:AUD 0.50

Minimum Investment Size:AUD 250.00





Phone:0800 473 426

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