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An opportunity exists to invest in an exciting, early stage agri-tech business.

Mastaplex is seeking NZ$750,000 of new equity investment at a pre-money valuation of NZ$3,200,000. The funds will be used for marketing and sales, business development, product development, increasing production capacity as well as the completion of in-market clinical trials.

Approximately NZ$300,000 has been committed by existing shareholders including Pacific Channel, K1W1, WNT Ventures, NZVIF, Harvey Investment Fund, ICE Angels and Enterprise Angels. Mastaplex is now seeking the remaining ~NZ$450,000 from external parties.

Mastaplex’s product provides dairy farmers with mastitis diagnosis and antibiotic treatment recommendations and is currently being sold to farmers in New Zealand and Australia via vets. 

Bovine Mastitis is an inflammation of the udder caused by one of several bacteria. It results in reduced milk yield and quality for the afflicted cow (a significant cost to the farmer). Globally, Bovine Mastitis is the most common disease in dairy cattle and is one of the most costly and challenging diseases in animal health today (reportedly costing the dairy industry US$35bn annually).

Currently, mastitis is best treated through the administration of antibiotics at a veterinarian’s recommendation. In practice, however, the herd is often mass treated with a general antibiotic by the farmer without knowledge of the type of bacteria causing the infection. This practice only achieves a 50-60% initial cure rate with the remaining cows receiving subsequent additional antibiotic treatments.

Mastaplex’s product enables accurate diagnosis and antibiotic treatment suggestions for Mastitis. It is available on-farm at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional laboratory tests. It identifies whether an infection is present, determines which bacteria strain is causing the infection and provides an estimate of the bacteria’s sensitivity to various different antibiotics. This allows the farmer to effectively treat mastitis on-farm with much higher cure rates and without the need to go to a vet. 

With ~70% of antibiotics globally used in animal health, farmers and veterinarians are facing regulatory, industry and consumer pressure on their use. Mastitis is one of the major antibiotic use areas and is an area where antibiotics are often used irresponsibly, compounding the problem of antibiotic resistance. Mastaplex enables farmers to use antibiotics responsibly by using better-targeted, narrower-spectrum antibiotics the first time around. 

Mastaplex receives upfront revenue on the sale of its Lapbox™ tabletop testing station, ongoing revenue from the sale of the Mastatest™ consumable (used in the Lapbox) and subscription fees for Mastaplex Cloud, an online platform where the data is collected and analyzed for the farmer.

Mastaplex is led by a strong team who are passionate about making a difference in the way Mastitis is treated:

  • Dr Olaf Bork (Managing Director, Inventor and Founder) is a trained process engineer with more than 20 years of industry in tech commercialization, business development and innovation management for life science applications and more than 10 years’ experience in the area of bovine mastitis. Olaf previously worked in technology transfer at Bayer in Germany.
  • Colin Harvey (Executive Chairman) is recognized for his vast contributions to the New Zealand agricultural industry. Colin is the former CEO and Founder of Ancare, which built significant market share across several key animal health product categories before the business was acquired by Merial in 2007.

For more information, please see attached a summary of the company and its website here. There is also a video of Mastaplex recently pitching to existing shareholders here. Further information, including a full information memorandum, is available upon execution of a CDA. 

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Investment Details

Investment Type: Wholesale

Transaction Size:NZD 750,000.00

Committed Capital: 

Pre-money valuation:NZD 3,200,000.00

Minimum Capital Raise:NZD 300,000.00

Share Price:NZD 0.00

Unit Price:NZD 0.00

Minimum Investment Size:NZD 50,000.00


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