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The offer set out here is not a regulated offer for the purposes of the FMCA. This offer is only available to those who meet the criteria as an "eligible" investor under the FMCA and provide appropriate certificates to that effect or are otherwise exempt from the disclosure requirements under one of the exclusions in Schedule 1 of the FMCA.

Because this is not a regulated issue and the issue is not a registered retail managed investment scheme, investors will have fewer legal protections for this investment. Investors should make sure they understand the consequences, ask questions, read the document carefully and seek independent financial and legal advice before making the commitment to invest.


Phoebe Plains Limited is a developing, irrigated dairy farm which is in its 7th production season, and is located in the Cheviot area of North Canterbury. This document outlines the investment opportunity for prospective interested parties.

An existing shareholder is seeking to raise $600k through a partial selldown of their shareholding. A second shareholding family seeks to retire and is looking to raise $400k from a sale of shares, but would consider the sale of their entire shareholding.

The minimum total amount of investment sought is $1.0M, with a maximum sought of $5.0M. Funds will be used for the purpose of;

  1. Funding the partial exit of one shareholder
  2. Funding the partial or total exit of retiring shareholders
  3. Funding future growth opportunities

The value proposition is based on the following:

  1. Solid financial returns,
  2. Significant shareholding in established and developing dairy equity partnership with growth potential, 
  3. A secure land based investment,
  4. No set-up or management fees,
  5. Transaction based on current market valuations,
  6. A history of smooth entry and exit of shareholders,
  7. Existing management in place,
  8. A secure environmental position,
  9. A strong governance system.

As well, there are opportunities to grow equity value as outlined below:


  1. Continued improvements in production and productivity
  2. Incremental gains from improvement in animal and plant genetics, water efficiency, nitrate use and pastures
  3. Gains from adoption of new technology


  1. Integration of neighbouring land into the business, with the application of irrigation adding further value
  2. Acquisition of run-off and/or support land to improve efficiency and become more self-contained

Balance sheet

  1. Ongoing focus on debt reduction from cashflow
  2. Enhancing value from investment and improved performance of the asset

For further information, you can find the flyer on the documents tab, and register your interest. Upon registering your interest as an investor you will be connected with the vendor and its advisors who will then initiate a due diligence process and negotiation of terms and conditions of the investment.

Issue Type:
isEOI: true

Investment Details

Investment Type: Wholesale

Transaction Size:NZD 5,000,000.00

Committed Capital: 

Pre-money valuation: 

Minimum Capital Raise:NZD 1,000,000.00

Share Price:NZD 0.00

Unit Price:NZD 0.00

Minimum Investment Size:NZD 400,000.00


BDO Christchurch Limited



Phone:03 379 5155

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